The collection of A. Samad Said & Yasmin Ahmad is in the process of archiving the website starting from June 2022. It consists of a collection of historical writing by A. Samad Said and the art collection of Yasmin Ahmad for the purpose of archiving information of the artists of this country.

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This is a collection of website that being archived. This collection is a saved website.

Website Name Type of Website Link
A. Samad Said Website A. Samad Said
DB Pedia Website DB Pedia
askArt Website askArt
Hujan Pagi Website Hujan Pagi
Klik Web DBP Website Klik Web DBP
Muka Surat Website Muka Surat
Nadiah Johari Website The Dead Crow by A. Samad Said | Nadiah Johari
Suara Penyair Website Suara Penyair
Tarahap Website Tarahap
Screenanarchy Website Screenanarchy


This is a collection of blogspot that being archived. This is a saved blogspot.

Blogspot Name Type of Blogspot Link
Kelas Bahasa Melayu Maya Educational Blogspot Kelas Bahasa Melayu
Besarnya Jiwaku Personal Blogspot Besarnya Jiwaku
Sajak A Samad Said Poem Blogspot askArt
SK Lereh Melaka Educational Blogspot Sedap Sajak A. Samad Said
Lestari Kemboja Putih Educational Blogspot Lestari Kemboja Putih
Tinta Pendeta Sastera Educational Blogspot Tinta Pendeta Sastera
Culture Trip Article Blogspot Culture Trip
Mubi Salesforce Blogspot Mubi
IMDb Salesforce Blogspot IMDb
Asia Pacific Screen Awards Agency Blogspot Asia Pacific Screen Awards
Eksentrika Blogspot Eksentrika
Campaign Brief Asia Blogspot Campaign Brief Asia
Hype Blogspot Hype
Cinema Online Blogspot Cinema Online
Loyar Buruk Blogspot Loyar Buruk
Peggy Loh Wix Blogspot Peggy Loh
Start Some Good Blogspot Start Some Good
Gynocine Project Wix Blogspot Gynocine Project


This is a collection of News, Journal, Book, and Documentation related with the figure.

Documents Type of Documents Link
The Journal ie Journal News The Journal Ie
Samad Said's Secret News Samad Said's Secret
World of Buzz News World of Buzz
The Guardian News The Guardian
Asia One Website Asia One
Happy Fresh Website Happy Fresh
The Rakyat Post Website The Rakyat Post
Screen Daily Website Screen Daily
Asia Center Website Asia Center
The Star Website The Star
Mengenang Yasmin Website Mengenang Yasmin
Malaysia Kini Website Malaysia Kini
Asia Center Website Asia Center
Asia Center Website Asia Center
The Star Website The Star
Astro Awani Online Website Astro Awani Online